Rules & Bylaws

Please take time out to read these Bylaws:-


Members are required to comply with the Byelaws and size limits of the relevant Water Authority.

Night Fishing is available to “Night Permit Holders Only” on specified waters. Contact the Secretary for details. Night fishing is not allowed to “Member Card Only Holders”. Night Permit holders are not required to purchase day permits for Sabre Lake.

No fishing except by Rod and Line for pure sport only.

All fish must be returned alive to the water with the exception of trout when members may take away a maximum of two trout from the Associations water on any one day. Grayling may be weighed but must be returned to the water immediately.

Members must always carry with them their membership card and rod licence when visiting the Associations waters.

Members must not leave litter of any kind or description and it is forbidden to have in your possession glass bottles or metal cans while visiting or fishing any of the Associations waters. Drinks should be carried in plastic bottles or thermos flask; luncheon meat etc should be carried in bait boxes. Special care must be taken with plastic bags and scrap fishing line, these should be taken home with you for disposal.

Members must not use more than TWO RODS at any one time.

Members must not trespass cut trees or other vegetation or damage any other property. It is expressly forbidden to light fires or dig the banks of rivers and lakes. No dogs are allowed and the use of portable radios on the banks of rivers and lakes is forbidden. Firearms must not be carried or used on any land controlled or owned by the Association except with written consent or authorisation of the Secretary or Landowner.

Please close all gates, it is in your own interest to cultivate the goodwill of Farmers and Landowners.

Fishing from road bridges is strictly forbidden.

If you observe any signs of pollution, PLEASE do not hesitate to telephone 01345 078378 (day or night) and report it !!!!.

No vehicles are to be driven across any field or onto any bank except with the written consent of any Landowner or where parking is officially provided.

No member may fish within 15 metres of another except by invitation.

Any member found guilty of using his/her Associations membership card to fish illegally on any other Organisations water or using his/her card other than for bonafide angling, shall be liable to disciplinary action and could be expelled from membership.

Any member breaking the Association rules or byelaws or behaving in such a manner as to jeopordise the tenancy of the waters or the relationship between the Association and any Landlord will be answerable to the Governing Committee and shall be liable to be disciplined and or expelled from membership.

By paying the agreed fee and receiving the Associations membership card, members signify that they accept these byelaws and jurisdiction of the Governing Committee.


The Company, Amalgamated Fisheries Limited was formed on the 13th October 2006 being Limited by Guarantee with no share capital Incorporated in England under Company Number 5966655.

The objects of the Company (described in these Rules as the “Association”) are to acquire and takeover all or any part of the assets and liabilities of the former unincorporated body known as Bristol Bath and Wiltshire Amalgamated Anglers.

To afford to members of the Association all usual rights and privileges and advantages of an Angling Club.

To promote angling and to encourage social intercourse between its members.

Membership shall be open to all such members of the Community that are acceptable to the Governing Committee and who have paid the set down Membership subscription and abide by the Associations Rules and Bylaws.

The Governing Committee reserve the right to refuse any application for Membership without giving any explanation.

The Governing Committee have the right to expel or suspend an Association Member for conduct which in their opinion is injurious to the best interests of the Assocation, its objects, its Members or angling. Before expelling a Member the Governing Committee shall enquire into his/her conduct and he/she shall be given a reasonable opportunity to defend or justify himself/herself by personal appearance before the Governing Committee.

The Governing Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Associations Members Rules and Byelaws. Upon any question of interpretation, or any matter effecting the Association not provided for in the Rules and Byelaws the decision of the Governing body shall be final and binding upon Members.