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Last updated  02 February             2016

Mirror carp 16lbs
                  3oz caught at Sabre Lake.

Mirror carp 16lbs 3oz caught at Sabre Lake.

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Some Essential Information on Angling Safety

We are a non profit making organisation dedicated to protecting and enhancing your fishing opportunities in the Bath, Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire area.

                    rivers can be dangerous

As a member (or on a day permit) you will be able to fill your keepnet with all varieties of specimen fish in our diverse variety of lakes and rivers.

A 38lb bag of quality chub to 5lb, the smallest was 3.5lb caught on waggler & maggot on a scenic autumn day at Avoncliff.. Members should be told its worth the walk & that the section is crammed with bream & chub which gives variety from the bream and carp at Tockenham
Catch Reports
Day Permits

Send your catch reports to:-

FULL MEMBERSHIP HOLDERS now have the the opportunity to purchase a further Annual Permit priced at £35.00 to cover fishing at any time at both Shackells and Sabre Lakes. This will mean that members will be able to fish ALL of Amalgamated Fisheries Still Waters without the requirement to obtain any day permit.
The additional £2.00 day ticket will still be available as before for anglers not taking up the new offer.
Application for this additional permit will be available in most tackle shops with immediate effect.. Alternatively
Click here to download an application form

Day permits are available from most outlets.....for full details visit the 'Day permits' link.




If challenged by an individual claiming to own the lake please take a picture of them (most people have a mobile phone camera) and send us a copy as evidence so that we can take action against the individual.concerned. Also if possible note their vehicle registration.

Contact No. for further information 011796033

It has been reported that at Tockenham Lake anglers have been using fixed 2 ½ oz and heavier leads with barbed hooks. One common carp of 11lb was retrieved trailing 30 metres of line using this method. It was fortunately saved. In the Interest of fish welfare and to avoid uneccessary injury and death to fish would all permit holders please use “semi bolt rigs”
Dated 25th September 2009

Latest News

Contact us by email



Due to the closure of Wests Tackle of Trowbridge and Bacons Tackle


of Box, Bath, annual/day tickets can be obtained from the Company


Administrator c/o 48 Abbots Road Hanham Bristol BS15 3NG


Telephone number 01179603378


e- mail address


Tockenham Reservoir


Wanted help for maintenance/

swim clearing on 19th March 2016


Meet at car park 10.00 am


Can you please provide tools

Many thanks


Contact details 01179603378

Will permit holders please note that

Pre-baiting is banned on all our waters


Important Notice

It has been brought to our attention that rogue anglers are using night dead lines and removing the fish when it is dark or when no one is around. This illegal fishing will affect the future of Tockenham Lake. Please report any suspicious activity.


Thank you


We are pleased to announce that the keep net ban has been lifted on all our waters on the strict understanding that all anglers must still use the dip bins in place at Tockenham and Sabre Lakes, please dip all nets, sleeves etc before and after fishing, a necessary requirement. It will be considered as a breach of the rules if not observed which can lead to a ban. As we have no means of running water at Tockenham we have had to engage a contractor to visit the lake once a week for the purpose of changing the water and replacing the disinfectant, again a requirement of Cefas.

I would like to thank all anglers for their time in sending messages and requesting updates for their patience and understanding, this has not been a very happy end to 2014 having to contend with rubbish dumping and the unfortunate break in at the lock up with the loss of our strimmers and a chain saw.

Pat Leonard - January 2015


The carp are back and apparently recovered from the latest virus scare. Anglers have reported catching large carp in excellent condition.  Even in the cold part of January anglers are catching numbers of large common and  mirror carp. See the latest photos on the PHOTOS PAGE of this website by clicking on the photos link above.




 PLEASE CONTACT 01179603378
APRIL 2015


We urgently require a bailiff for Shackells Lake


(voluntary position)


Anyone interested please contact 0117 9603378 June 2015


We are very pleased to announce, that in the interest of safety, all platforms at Pawlett Ponds have all been replaced or upgraded which will make fishing more comfortable. The Company will welcome any comments.

Date January 2014

I m p o r t a n t N o t i c e

Re: Limpley Stoke

Please note that the field gate opposite the lay-by, used for parking, is now closed until further notice. This is due to weather and field conditions

Thank you for your understanding - October 2015

Lacock review by Anglers Mail

Gary Newman is a regular contributor to Anglers Mail. You can follow our Angling Adventures star as he heads off in search of top quality fish at Lacock on Amalgamated Fisheries waters - the article is reproduced “ by courtesy of Anglers Mail” .

click to view the Lacock Article

The main picture of the angler featured in the article holding a Lacock Chub is our new bailiff Kenny Parsons, he patrols Shackells Lake.

July 2011


If permit holders find the normal lay-by at the above venue full, you can with the kind permission of the owner, park cars in the Weir Hole field. There is a gate almost opposite the lay-by with a combination lock number 2-0-1-1. Please park vehicles in an orderly fashion immediately inside the gate on the left hand side, the gate then being secured after entry, doing the same procedure when finishing for the day. Under no circumstances must you drive your vehicle to the river bank. The management will expect you to honour this arrangement otherwise the privilege could be withdrawn. Kindly note that the Company cannot be liable for any loss or damage whilst using the parking facilities, you do so at your own risk.
Many thanks for your co-operation
June 2011

Will permit holders please note that as from the 1st June 2011 we are not renewing our Fishing Agreements concerning “ Hungerdown Meadow” at Christian Malford and also “Tealham Moor” on the River Brue. We are still renting two stretches of fishing on the River Brue namely “Black Bull Bridge” and “River House Farm” both at Burtle.
May 2011


We are pleased to announce that there is now a Portable Toilet situated near the Point at Tockenham Lake for the use of Anglers only. Can we please request that it is kept clean and tidy for other users.

May 2011


It is with some regret that due to the large amount of misplaced permits during 2010 we are now obliged to raise an administrative charge of £5.00 for any future replacement permits that may be required.

January 2011


It has been brought to our attention that at various venues weighted Dead/Night lines are being used latterly at Christian Malford. It is in the interest of all permit holders to be vigilant and report any suspicious incidents by telephoning 01179603378. We are fully aware that illegal fishing is taking place, which we wish to eradicate, and your help will be appreciated as this trespass is affecting us all.

To all Permit Holders please note we have not renewed our Lease of this water. Also this is no longer available to members of the Bristol & West Federation of Anglers

Many reports of good catches at Tockenham in excess of 100lbs and 65lbs recorded at Shackells

We did not renew our membership for 2011 -2012

Tockenham hosts a World Champion
Callum Dicks, the son of the owner of Bristol Angling Centre, chooses Tockenham to show off his angling skills to a National Angling Magazine. Callum is now the under 22 world champion after his match winning performances in matches held in Belgium on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July 2008. An outstanding result and we would like to offer him our congratulations. The picture was taken by George Waite (our chairman) while Callum was fishing at Tockenham for the benefit of 'Totally Coarse Fishing'. The feature article should be out in August. The cameraman standing next to Callum is the magazine professional.


Warning will anglers please be aware that wooden platforms will be slippery when wet.


For all general enquires you can contact us using the following email address:-

Tribute to Melvin

A new Street sign “Holbrook View” has been erected at Tockenham Lake in fondest memories of Melvin Holbrook who passed away on 26th May 2001. For many years Melvin spent a considerable amount of time at Tockenham undertaking maintenance work helping to improve the lake for the benefit of us all. He will always be remembered as a top flight fisherman and above all a true gentleman.

May 2011


Why not use this space to advertise your lost angling gear? the Office Telephone No 0117 9603378 and give the details of your lost or found item to Pat Leonard



Saturday 8th August an angler lost DELKIM TXI Plus Carp bite alarm on a Carbon fibre bank stick plus the same type of bank stick with a glow in the dark head. If anyone has found these items, kindly inform the bailiff or telephone Pat on 01179603378.  Many thanks.


Pat Leonard    August 2015

Shackells Lake - Close Season
A reminder that Shackells Lake will be closed to all members from the 1st May to 15th June  and will re-open on the 16th June  members are politely requested to read the Rules relating to this lake which is found within their Membership Permit.

Could drivers of tall vans turning up at Tockenham Resevoir remember that the entrance gantry has a maximum height of 6 feet 6 inches.

Please remember that as an angler you are an ambassador for the sport. It is important to remove all litter and discarded line from your swim and return all fish to the water with the utmost care.

Angling Coaching for all Ages and Abilities

Kenny Parsons Angling Guiding Services specialises in catching large specimen fish on the Bristol Amalgamated Fisheries on the Bristol Avon or lakes. He also guides/coaches for beginners to the more well established anglers who want to learn new techniques.

If you are struggling to find that perfect gift for Christmas or Birthdays then look no further. What a fantastic and unique present to give.

Just call him to make the detailed arrangements or Go to his website for more information

Tel 07770637300

Fish News

Reports are coming through that both Tockenham and Shackells Lake are fishing very well with excellent catches of Bream and Carp. At Tockenham catches of Bream in excess of 100lbs now becoming regular. At Shackells, both Carp and Bream catches very rewarding.

Part of a consignment of 400 small tench ready for release into Pawlett Ponds

              from 4oz to 1lb. All in prime condition.

email us your pictures in digital format so that we can include them in our Photo Gallery. Provide as much information as possible such as:-

  • personal details
  • date
  • venue
  • weight

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