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Some of our waters will test your abilities as an angler, others are perfect for an absolute beginner. We have small ponds, large lakes, one reservoir, streams and rivers. Some places are brilliant in the summer and some are better in the winter. We try to offer a good variety for everyone, so whatever you want in a fishing club we can offer it. Have a look through our website, we have tried to make it as informative as we can.

Send your catch reports to:

please include:

-  good quality digital photos

-  personal details / contact number

-  date

-  venue

-  weights


A beautiful 16lb 3oz mirror carp caught at Sabre Lake

A huge 12lb 7oz barbel caught at Lacock

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Please note a National Rod Licence is required in addtion to any Amalgamated Fisheries Ltd permitts.

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The club can offer various facilities which include

-  Platforms for disabled

-  Day permits for most of our waters

-  Night angling permits for some waters

-  Individual membership

-  Adult + offspring membership (enabling permit holder to take up to 2 juniors under 16 free of charge) 

-  Club or group bookings for pleasure or match angling.

-  Pawlett Ponds only permitt at reduced rate


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Just a glimpse of the quality and variety of the fish you can catch in our extensive range of waters.

Tockenham Lake (Amalgamated Fisheries Ltd)

Sabre Lake Calne (Amalgamated Fisheries Ltd)


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