C O V I D  –  1

Pawlett Ponds Are now open.

 Tockenham and Sabre Lake open on the 1st June.

Please Note that Shackells Lake will remain closed until the 16th June.  This being the yearly closure.

Please remember that as an angler you are an ambassador for the sport. It is important to remove all litter and discarded line from your swim and return all fish to the water with the utmost care.


Warning will anglers please be aware that wooden platforms will be slippery when wet.


Your lost items can be posted here.


Tockenham Reservoir

Please note that the gate is now locked and should be kept locked. The combination number is shown on your Annual Permit.

This is because we are having problems with walkers and dog owners using the venue and non-anglers using the site to dispose of their rubbish and general garden waste. As usual it is left to the bailiffs to keep the venue tidy.

Please lock the gate behind you after entry and also when you leave to prevent unauthorised entry and hence minimise litter.

It is in all our interest to keep the reservoir in good condition and to protect our fishery and all the wild life from damage due to the dangerous disposal of litter.