In 1966/7 a new Club named Brigstowe Anglers made themselves known to all Bristol Clubs that they intended by way of a threat to take over by hook or crook all the Fishing Rights within the Bristol area which also incorporated parts of Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire. There was also the strong possibility of the encroachment by Clubs in the Midlands because of the motorways that had been built. This threat was taken seriously so much so that 9 major clubs decided to combine their resources and form one big organisation, a further club joined later on and after several years Melksham AA became attached.

The new organisation was firstly known as Bristol and West of England Federation of Anglers (Amalgamated Section). This name was later changed to Bristol and District Amalgamated Anglers and generally known in short as “The Amalgamation”. The Fishing Rights at this time were in the names of the individual clubs and were put into a pot so that an Amalgamation member could fish any of the waters belonging to the 11 Clubs. Each Club was responsible for their waters but the rents were paid by the Amalgamation.

In 1987 the title changed to Bristol Bath & Wiltshire Amalgamated Anglers but as time progressed discussions then commenced in 2005/06 with regard to the possibility of the Organisation becoming a Limited Company. In fact the Company was formed on the 13th October 2006 in the name of Amalgamated Fisheries Limited being Limited by Guarantee Incorporated in England under Company Number 5966655. The Management and venues remain the same and by taking this step, we hope to improve all of our facilities for the benefit of members.

Dated 6th March 2007